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The birth of Poker has been convincingly dated to the first or second decade of the 19th century. It appeared in former French territory centred on New Orleans ...
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Poker is played throughout the world, but it is probably still most popular in its country of origin, the USA. For a good introduction to Poker, refer to the Poker FAQ, which is associated with the newsgroup rec...
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Whether you are a poker afficionado, or you just like taking money from your in-laws when they visit during the holidays ...

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Many of us begin our so-called poker careers by honing our games at various online poker sites. And by doing so, some of us reach the point which some professionals...

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This site aims to help players learn to win at poker, but before you can win at poker, you need to learn how to play poker!

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How do you cope with a dangerous draw? Let's have a look at one in a hypothetical game, then analyze its outcome. Pocket Aces, sweet! But I'm in an early position. If I raise too much, then everyone may fold, and I'll win ...

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