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Deburring Catridge Rolls

Cartridge rolls are among different kinds of deburring tools, often manufactured by wrapping abrasive cloth materials to custom-sized mandrel. Deburring cartridge rolls also have many types; silicon carbide, grain, aluminun oxide grain or alumina grain. Configured mostly for deburring, blending, polishing and deflashing, deburring cartridge rolls are available in different lengths and sizes, with its characteristic abrasive grain located on its outer layer. Designed to be durable and virtually indestructible, cartridge rolls can be straight, half-taper, full taper and sidewall. Effective in removing edge breaking and machine tool marks, such rolls are often connected to a hand-held deburring tool.

In general, deburring is a finishing method used in industrial settings and manufacturing environments. Metal is frequently machined using many processes in order to create pieces of specific shape and size, though wood and plastic are also deburred. For example, metal may be welded, molded, cast, trimmed, slit or sheared. These procedures often create ragged edges or protrusions.

The raised particles and shavings that appear when metal blanks are machined are referred to as burrs, and the process by which they are removed is known as deburring. Speaking of the other forms of deburring, there are many methods to achieving deburring; hand deburring, semiautomatic deburring, abrasive flow machining, thermal energy method, electrochemical machining, high pressure deburring, and so on and so forth. Nevertheless, only hand and semiautomatic deburring involves cartridge rolls, and such instances involve repetitive grinding and filing motion. Yes, the use of cartridge rolls for deburring is labor-intensive manual work, and the process must be done in a controlled or steady manner or else the part or material you're deburring may be thrown, which can ruin the product and cause you serious injury. Also, cartridge rolls need to be changed constantly because they wear out.

Nevertheless, nothing beats the meticulousness and exactness of manual labor. Debur away at your own risk.

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