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Poker is played throughout the world, but it is probably still most popular in its country of origin, the USA. For a good introduction to Poker, refer to the Poker FAQ, which is associated with the newsgroup rec.gambling.poker. Other useful discussion forums are hosted by Two Plus Two Publishing and the United Poker Forum. Beginners may also want to refer to my page on the ranking of poker hands.

For those interested in the History of Poker, especially its origins and predecessors, here is David Parlett's article setting out what is known on this topic.

An excellent starting point to find all kinds of Poker information is Dan Kimberg's Serious Poker Page. Dan also maintains a comprehensive dictionary of Poker jargon, and another very useful dictionary is provided by the Planet Poker site.

Here is a link to Jerry Cooley's Basic Poker Rules, and here is Peter Sarrett's Glossary of Poker Terms. A very detailed set of rules covering playing procedure, how to deal with irregularities, and so on, can be found on Bob Ciaffone's web site. He provides comprehensive rules for card rooms and for home games.

is the web site of the fortnightly print magazine Card Player. As well as an on line version of the magazine, and an archive of back issues it provides odds calculators, an online poker analyst, a huge forum, and many other resources. A discounted subscription to Card Player magazine is available though this link.

With the permission of the author, the full text of the book "Poker, A Guaranteed Income For Life by using the Advanced Concepts of Poker" by Frank R. Wallace is available for reading on line.

Poker Listings is an online poker guide and directory with information on online poker rooms, tournaments, bonuses, rules, strategy and many other resources. Poker Listings is also available in British and Swedish editions. The Poker tips.org site gives rules and strategy for Texas Hold'em, general advice on on-line poker, and has useful reviews of on-line poker rooms, poker news and a forum.

Internet Poker - Tony G's Poker News site offers rules, reviews of poker rooms, and a poker news service. Steve Badger's Play Winning Poker site offers news, strategies and links to other useful information. Here is the online version of Stan Sludikoff's Poker Player newspaper.

The International Poker Federation provides poker player ratings and tournament inforamtion as well as strategy articles.The Poker Strategy site provides free strategy advice on low limit hold 'em and 7 card stud, a friendly and active poker forum, and reviews of on line poker rooms.

The Poker TV Guide provides current schedules of television programmes about poker in USA, UK and Sweden. Joe Smith's Las Vegas Poker Blog has a selection of recent Poker and Vegas news and anecdotes. The Gaming Gurus site includes a collection of rules for poker variations and a guide to online poker.

The Poker Pistols site has poker rules, strategy guides for beginners and advanced players, comparative reviews of online poker rooms and a forum. The Online Texas Holdem Poker site has information and advice on poker games, especially Texas Holdem, reviews of online poker rooms, ans a collection of other poker resources.

Mike Greenberg's sites Top Texas Hold'em, Top Stud Poker and Top Omaha offer strategy advice on these three games. The Online Poker 777 site has a useful glossary and offers poker rules, strategy and links to online poker rooms. The LaunchPoker site offers poker rules, tips, anecdotes and links. Jeff Hattem's Poker Future site offers rules for Hold'em, Omaha and 7-Card Stud, Hold'em odds, and various other information and links.

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