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What Does That Ribbon Mean

Ribbons worn on shirts and backpacks. Ribbon-shaped magnets on cars. All of these ribbons come in different colors. But what do they mean? When someone wears a pink ribbon, what is he or she saying? What about a red ribbon? Part of the reason deciphering the meaning of any given ribbon is the fact that many ribbons carry multiple meanings. However, this is a basic primer of some of the most popular ribbon colors.

The most recognized meaning of a red ribbon is HIV/AIDS awareness. However, this color also represents substance abuse and DARE, as well as MADD. Nearly everyone knows that a yellow colored ribbon indicates support for the troops. But it can also represent suicide prevention and hope. A pale yellow ribbon represents awareness of the disease spina biffida.

Breast cancer is the most known reason people where pink ribbons, but this color also shows support and awareness of birth parents. It lets people know that the decision of birth parents to put their child up for adoption is respected. A white ribbon is displayed for awareness of terrorism victims. Its connotative connection to innocence also makes it a choice for those who wish to raise awareness about peace and right to life causes. Some of the lesser known, but still relatively popular ribbon colors, are as follows: lavender for general cancer awareness; green for organ and tissue donation, as well as missing children, the environment and leukemia; dark/navy blue for child abuse and domestic violence prevention, free speech, arthritis and water safety (drowning) and quality.

There are ribbons that have more than one color. The most popular multicolored ribbon is the red, white and blue variety that denotes patriotism and 9/11 remembrance. Pastel pink and blue ribbons represent awareness of infant loss and SIDS.

A ribbon with a jigsaw of colors is autism awareness. While it is practically impossible to know all the meanings of every ribbon color, an idea is helpful. However, there's nothing wrong with walking up to the wearer and asking. The ribbon is designed, after all, to raise awareness.

James Hunt has spent 15 years as a professional writer and researcher covering stories that cover a whole spectrum of interest. Read more at www.ribbons-central.info


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