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I strongly encourage you to review this page. We literally receive hundreds of inquiries each day and the same questions are being asked repeatedly. Therefore, we have conveniently posted the Frequently Asked Questions to save both yours and our time.

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to email us or call us. We are committed to responding promptly to emails and missed calls. Moreover, it is our company policy to provide the highest level of customer service. Why should I buy a pre-owned Rolex over a brand new Rolex? There is a big misconception that people who can't afford a brand new Rolex will resort to a pre-owned. This statement can't be more far off from the truth. As they say wine gets better with age, the same can be said about a Rolex.

With proper care and maintenance, a Rolex will last a lifetime. A new Rolex watch, like most luxury items, will depreciate in value up to 30% immediately after you slip it on. Pre-owned Rolex watches greatly hold their value and in time can be worth a lot more than its original cost.

Furthermore, with very little changes in design and models over the years, one will hardly notice a difference in a Rolex watch that is circa 1980, to a Rolex that is circa 2000, contributing to the fact that it retains its value over time. Can I see the watch before purchasing? Because we are an offsite establishment, we can not accommodate that request. Our website is real-time and our team has provided high-quality images of all our watches that are currently in stock. It is our commitment to provide accuracy and honesty about the watches we are offering for sale.

What kind of condition are your watches in? Your watch will function and appear like a brand new Rolex. All of our certified pre-owned Rolex's go through hours of stringent quality-control testing and certification processes. All parts and accessories including the bracelet, crystal, dial, bezel, lug, and crown, will be meticulously examined by our Rolex certified watchmakers for cosmetic and aesthetic imperfections. Thus you will not find any scratches, dust, moisture build-up, or any other blemishes when you receive your Rolex watch.

Why are your prices so low? Since we are a wholesale importer and nationwide distributor of pre-owned Rolex watches, we supply our watches to jewelers and watch stores across the globe in high-volume. Thus, we are able and more than happy to sell you our watches for the same wholesale price. Does my watch come with box and paperwork? Close to all pre-owned Rolex watches do not come with original paperwork. Further, the "original papers" are nothing more than expired warranty paperwork at the time of its original purchase. We guarantee our watches to be authentic through our certified watchmakers and we provide a nice black leather box along with a polishing cloth.

We can order an "original" Rolex box upon request for an additional cost. What is the difference between a genuine Rolex part and an aftermarket part? Genuine Rolex Parts are made by Rolex. Aftermarket parts are non-Rolex made legal products made to specifically fit Rolex models. These parts will not have the word Rolex or the trademarked crown logo inscribed anywhere on the product. Where do your watches come from? We only deal with highly reputable dealers and have a network of suppliers in Asia, South America, and the USA.

Because we have established such great business relationships with these networks over the years, we are able and proud to supply our customers with a steady source of pre-owned Rolex watches at some of the lowest prices in the industry. Do you do repairs and services? What are your qualifications? The Los Angeles Jewelry District, the largest jewelry district in the world, had a large number of highly-specialized watchmakers, polishers, stone setters, and watch parts manufacturers. Our associates were carefully selected and verified to meet our quality and authenticity standards. Together, our associates have over 220 years of experience of importing, restoring, and retailing Rolex watches. Our 3 watchmakers were carefully selected out of over 100 in the jewelry district.

Our polishers were trained to make our watches appear and function like brand new with no exceptions. Given our success and accomplishments, we are here to service your needs for years to come. How can I trust you with my money and private information? The personal information you provide us over the phone or in your checkout form will not be shared with other parties.

We may use this information to contact you in the future about your order or other items that we have for sale. We use encryption in our checkout system to make sure your data is not leaked to the public. If you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, or if you would like to opt out of future contacts, please e-mail us at salesteam@melrosejewelers.com Melrose Jewelers is a member of the NAWCC (National Association of Watch Collectors), the MJSA (Manufacturers & Jewelers Association of America), and the California Sheriff's Association. What are the differences between a Non-Quickset, a Quickset, a Single-quickset, and a Double-Quickset? Non-Quickset ? this feature requires you to wind the hands in order to advance the date on your calendar. Quickset ? this feature allows you to advance the date without having to change the hour hands.

Single-Quickset ? the day must be changed by rotating the hour hands but not for the date. Double-Quickset ? this feature allows you to advance the date and day without rotating the hour hands. How often should I get my watch serviced? There's a misconception that high-end timepieces do not need to be regularly serviced. This is definitely not true. It is generally recommended that a Rolex should be serviced every 5 years.

Would a Rolls Royce need regular maintenance such as an oil change or a tune up? Absolutely! The same goes for a Rolex. Without getting your Rolex serviced regularly, you may end up making a very costly mistake in the future. Get rid of your expensive philosophy of waiting until you encounter a problem to get it fixed. The following is a standard inspection when getting your Rolex serviced: Visual ID Inspection: Visual Diagnosis Inspection Timekeeping Diagnosis Servicing Clean and Polish Pressure-Proof test Timekeeping test Final Pressure-proof test Final Quality Control One ? Year Warranty (will vary upon dealer policy) Getting your Rolex serviced can cost anywhere from $15 - $500.

What is the difference between a 'chronometer' and 'chronograph'? While it is easy to be confused by these terms, there is a significant difference between the two. Chronometer ? this term is actually referred to an award or rating granted by the official Swiss Timing Bureau, Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres (COSC) after a watch has been through stringent testing for accuracy. Chronograph ? a 'chronograph' are timepieces that can measure time in different ways. A stop watch is one feature.

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