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How To Handle Awkward Moments With Women

You are going to have to live with awkward moments in your life because they happen every single day you communicate with another human being, unless of course you never leave your house and don't have any contact with the outside world apart from your parents. You need to learn how to enjoy awkward moments WHAT!!! Enjoy awkward moments, how is that even possible. I don't think of awkward moments as awkward, I think of awkward moments of opportunity and challenge where I can be that one step ahead and always have something BETTER to say to a woman.

Women will TEST you to see how well you can handle awkward moments as well and if you suck at them then that is a sure way to let her know that you are not in control of the situation. So you better get used to awkward moments because they are not going to go away. I am sure you have had friends or family members say to you "well that was awkward." You should always have something to say to a woman, don't just stand there and look at her and hope that the conversation is going to magically happen because it is not and the same goes for if you are out with a woman. Now sometimes women will reignite the conversation especially if they are attracted to you because don't forget it's only awkward if you make it awkward. How did you meet your best friend? How did you meet your girlfriend? They all start of as strangers at some point and you needed to engage in the conversation talking to them.

You might not think that awkward moments matter and it is only something small that you don't need to worry about but it is actually HUGE in interacting and communicating. If you can't handle awkward situations and make them fun then you are not going to be able to go that step further with women. Being able to handle awkward situations shows to women that you are comfortable actually too comfortable which gets to them because most women want all guys on their toes running around them. So when awkward situations arise how do you handle them? Always have something to say and always have something better to say back to the woman and be prepared.

The more prepared you are the more chance you have of success with women. I have noticed that the faster you respond to a woman the more they get confused it is like they get hit with a stun gun for a few seconds and they have to stop and think about what was just said. I have heard things such as "You're an asshole", "Men are all assholes", "Men only think with their head downstairs", "and How come men all do this." This will happen to you when you interact with women and it's a test and if you don't know how to respond then you are going to create that awkward silence and not get very far.

When you ask for a woman's number and she says no. Now most guys will walk away or say oh ok it was nice talking to you and end it straight away. You will find that if you stay there and keep talking to the woman and have an attitude of not caring if you got her number or not she will often be begging you for yours when you decide to leave.

I know you have all experienced this awkward situation before. When you attempt to kiss a woman and she pulls away or does not let you. MOST guys will say "oh sorry, I didn't mean anything by that" or just sit there in silence, creating awkwardness. If you attempt to kiss a woman and she turns away or says no, all you have to do is interrupt her pattern of thinking. I usually ask women straight after "would you eat a handful of crickets for $500 dollars.

Now they are a bit shocked though enjoy it. All you are doing is pretending like nothing happened. So always have something better to say and always be that step ahead of women and they will always be wondering what next. The more of a challenge you are to a woman the more they will chase you.

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