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Help Criminals Who Want To Go To Jail

Have you ever looked at the newspaper or the news and wonder why some people become criminals? If you choose a life of crime you are admitting that you are not the sharpest pencil in the box in the first place. But even a criminal has to have some commonsense. Strangely enough many of them commit acts that make you wonder why they pursue a career in crime. Admittedly you do not have to be a genius to commit a crime, but some brain activity is required. Yet we see examples everyday where criminals place themselves behind bar by doing something stupid. Like the guy that burglarizes the hardware store by cutting a hole in the roof and crawling through.

When he is ready to leave he realizes that he cannot reach the hole and calls the police to get him out. They take him to jail and wonder why he did not use one of the many ladders in the store to reach the hole. They get dumber and dumber everyday.

Besides getting healthy jail sentences. They get laughs from their fellow criminals and the public. There are many examples of the would be criminal who leaves his brain in his other shirt. Like the guy who burglarizes a residence that just happens to have a rotwiler who sleeps very soundly in a corner. The dog wakes up just in time to catch the guy in the house. The burglar is trapped inside and has to call the cops to get him out of the house.

While all criminals pose a threat to the public, these guys are mostly a threat to themselves. They do things that are unimaginable in some cases and just plain stupid in other cases. Like the guy who gets pulled over by the police with his marijuana cigarette hanging out of his shirt pocket. When asked if he had any drugs he flat out denies it for ten minutes. Then the cops ask him what is hanging out of his pocket. There is also the man who was arrested after trying to buy drinks with a checkbook he found at a bar.

Unfortunately for him, the checkbook owner was the bartender serving him. Pretty dumb huh. You have to wonder if arrest is the end goal of some of these guys. They must sit around the kitchen table and decide that its time to go to jail. Then they devise a plan to make it happen. They seem to be very good at making their plans succeed.

For example the guy who managed to get himself trapped inside a public library in the wee hours one morning. He found himself under arrest a little after 2 a.m. on a Tuesday morning after he frantically called police from the Library to come and rescue him.

These guys are comical and like the other criminals deserve to get caught and sentenced. They know they do not make good criminals, but yet they keep trying. While we laugh at some of these incidents, we must not forget that we may be a victim and thats no joking matter. All criminal incidents do not all turn out like the ones mentioned. We must also remember that it is our duty to assist criminals in getting their wish of going to jail.

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