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Guitar Wiring Diagrams Stock and Custom

We have put together a long list of all the parts and wiring diagrams you need to change the wiring or simply renew old wiring into convenient to use packs. Each kit includes its own wiring diagram and parts list to tell you just how to do it.

Special Notes:

Rewiring an old guitar using the stock wiring diagram can be very frustrating. Wiring diagrams, whether stock or for a custom upgrade are mostly hard to find, and in many cases hard to comprehend, thus making them unlikely to work well. Refrain from just buying any old kit primarily to prevent damaging other components of your guitar. Some guitars have active circuitry, and a bad wire setup can damage it.

Every diagram and part we list is fully tested many times to insure you get the vibe you want. Simply put, if we recommend it, it will work as suggested and not damage your instrument. Not only that, every component is designed to give outstanding life and the best tone quality that you have ever experienced.

The guitar wiring kit shown here is a 5-way lever action switch for all 3 pickup Fender Stratocasters, and other 3 pickup guitars. The kit has very detailed directions that are very well explained in terms most people will understand.

Realistically speaking, many people have their own personal wiring setups and parts they may use or interchange that GuitarPlayersCenter only feels comfy dealing in proven setups.

In fact one of my personal favs is a setup that includes an EMG-SPC control knob being installed in a Stratocaster. What a great switch, at least in my opinion. I like to toss in a set of Fender Custom Texas Special pickups while Im under the pickguard. Texas Special pickups will give you the Stevie Ray Vaughan sound. Very delectable!

Most guitar stores are competitive in price and service.

Most of them have great return policies in case you dont care for your new tone. However GPC uses Guitar Center or Musicians Friend for those reasons and more.

Dont make a mistake, if you are not inclined to doing these upgrades, then take it to a competent luthier/guitar maker. This is precision work to an extent, and not messing up your guitar is a priority. Although, it is doable by most people if you relax, be patient and most important, follow the directions!

Remember to use a solder gun with a replaceable tip,use a top line electrical solder and flux and dont get the switches too hot.

Remember that soldering is an art of sorts, so practice first on some extra wires to get your vibe back if it has been a while since you last soldered.

Good luck and Enjoy.


About the Author (text)Daniel Lehrman former classical guitarist. I have had a passion for the electric guitar for many years now. I spend most of the day creating interesting content.

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